Talking to a Toddler

Hi There! Been a while, eh? What can I say, the weeks and months just keep zooming past, and yet whenever someone asks me what I’ve been up to lately, my mind goes blank…

Anyway, in honour of Family Day, here are a few things that I wrote down over the past couple months whenever I burst out laughing after a conversation with Thea. For every one of these, there are several dozen others that I can’t remember at the moment, or that are hard to translate onto paper (how does one accurately describe in words the expressions this kid makes?). These are the bits I did translate:

Thea: “Kiss?”
Grace: “Where is your owie? Mommy will kiss it better.”
Thea: *opens mouth and points*
Grace: “…Sorry, Kid, Mommy isn’t going to kiss your tongue better.”

Grace: *sneezes*
Thea, in tiny angelic voice: “Bess you, Mommy.”
Grace: *immediately pretends to sneeze five more times to hear it again*

Thea is throwing a temper tantrum in the kitchen
Grace: “Thea, I have an empty egg carton here, and you get to play with it when you stop crying. Are you done crying?”
Thea: *thoughtful pause* “……More crying.” *resumes tantrum*
One minute later
Thea: “Done crying!” *holds out hand for egg carton*

Suppertime; Luke is about to sit down with us for pancakes.
Thea: “Daddy, go to pantry, please.”
*Luke does so.*
Thea: “Daddy, open door.”
*Luke does so*
Thea: “Umm…Daddy go inside.”
*Luke does so, as we begin to realize what she’s wanting him to bring to the table*
Thea: “Umm…ummmm…”
Luke: “Do you want peanut butter?”
Thea, halfheartedly: “Umm…yeah…”
Her intent was not for him to pick up the peanut butter, but she could not remember the word “Nutella”, so she accepted this alternative.

Grace: “Okay, Thea, time to clean up, I’ll help you.” *starts to stand up*
Thea, running over: “NO!!! It’s Daddy’s turn to clean up.”
Grace, every-so dramatically sitting back down: “Well, if you insist…”
I have trained her well.

Regular occurrence:
Thea, pointing: “What’s that?”
Daddy: “It’s a spatula.”
Thea, turning to me with raised eyebrows and speaking in an exceedingly condescending tone: “It’s a spatula, Mommy.”

Man, there are so many more, I’m sure I’ll think of several the moment I publish this post. Eh, I’ll probably continue writing them down, maybe I’ll make another post like this sometime in the near (or not near) future. Until then, here is a compilation video of some of the chatter we’ve captured in the past (almost) 2.5 years:

PS: No complaining about the video length allowed; it’s a miracle I managed to keep it that short, I am her mother after all.

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