We Maed Dis!

In February of 2014, I came across this image:


(meme credit to this guy)

I was roughly two months pregnant at the time and this otter’s well-meaning and utterly awkward introduction of her spawn perfectly summed up how I felt about all things Mommy. I was convinced that is how I would look showing off my baby – whenever he or she (Spoiler Alert: “she”) arrived. True to form, this is how we introduced Thea Marie to the Facebook world seven months later:


That was 9 months ago. NINE months ago, and we still find ourselves constantly amazed that we MADE that! We made the newborn lump caught with the tiniest of smiles on her face in the above photo. We made this 4-month old giggle machine whose favourite activities included happy-yelling at books:

And we made this goofball 9-month old who couldn’t be bothered to sit still for a photo because there was a kitty tail nearly within reach:

It has not stopped being astonishing in the last 3/4 of a year, and I imagine it never will stop. Which is why it seems worth documenting.

So welcome to this…Whatever this is. It’s new, so I’m not sure I know yet, either. I suspect it will be one part sentimental, one part brag, one part rant, several parts long-winded, and just a dash or three of 20/20 hindsight. The stars in this story are Thea, featured in 99% of the photos we take (Can you blame us? LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!); Luke, AKA Daddy/Husband; and me, the Mum occasionally known as Grace. I don’t promise it will be funny, but it will often try to be, in an endearing, dad-joke kind of way.

So, stay tuned and you might learn something! …Just kidding, you probably won’t learn anything, except maybe; improper use of a semi-colon.



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  1. Guy and Margo
    June 20, 2015

    LOVE IT!

    Guy and Margo, and Elodie, that we MADE as well!

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