June 2015 Update

When Thea was born, I had grand visions of keeping a journal detailing all the magical little things that she did and when she did them. I wrote one entry when she was 10-days old and none since.

Now, I have been diligently filling in the beautiful baby book that Thea’s Gramma gave me, but it is a little short on space for a first-time Mum who feels an overwhelming urge to record every time her spawn sneeze-farts.

And so, I ask you to indulge me here. I will be making a monthly post intended to be a snapshot of our past 30ish days as a family. It will be in no particular order, will vary greatly in significance, and may include a few TMI notes. I do not promise brevity, but I will always label it clearly so that you are free to skip it. Here we go…

This month,

Thea started waving and clapping (though rarely when anyone but her parents were watching, of course).

Luke is currently on vacation and is plugging away at a list of small projects that he wanted to complete around the house. Up next – affixing a lattice to one of our kitchen windows so that our burgeoning ivy has somewhere to go, and helping our neighbour tear out the lawn between our houses.

See it in the back?
See it in the back?

Thea chatters non-stop. She has recently been practicing her “heavy metal” sounds by babbling in a deep, gravely voice. We’ve decided that her first word is officially, “Mama”.

I went for a “Ladies Night Out” with several mommies from our prenatal class (who I still see regularly and are rad peeps). It was a blast; I think we even managed to not talk about our kids for a few hours!

When a toy (read: the cat) is juuust out of reach, Thea will army crawl towards it. If it is more than 6 inches away, she still prefers to roll. She sure knows how to get around though, the main floor is now in full baby-proof mode.


Thea nurses 4 times each day (first thing in the morning, bedtime, and after each nap), and 1-2 times overnight. The number of night-time wake-ups depends a lot on how many solid foods she ate during the day.

Thea eats 3 meals and one snack each day. Favourite foods include beef ragout, salmon with carrots and sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, bell peppers, and raspberries. She was NOT fond of the edamame/pea combo, but at least we can cross soy off the possible allergens list (the plan is to have “tested” all the common allergens on her before sending her off to daycare in the Fall).

Thea eats best when given a chance to feed herself for a while. Then, she’ll usually allow Daddy or me to sneak in extra bites with a spoon.


I went to see Inside Out with Big Brother for his birthday. It was adorable and heart-wrenching and funny and all the things. Go see it.

Under the category of “TMI”, we took Thea to the doctor for a quick check-up and reassurance that it was okay for a 9-month old baby to only poop every 6 days (she’s not constipated, she just doesn’t seem to need to go any more often than that). Doctor advised that might just be her “normal” for the foreseeable future, but to be careful that she doesn’t end up in pain at any point, or she might start a vicious cycle of “holding it” because it hurts, thereby making herself even more constipated.

Thea and I attended a surprise bridal shower for her favourite red-headed Auntie. The party was (surprisingly) a successful surprise!

Watching Auntie open gifts.
Watching Auntie open gifts.

Thea discovered the joys of jumping up and down and of a twangy door-stop.

All these new things have led to some pretty inconsistent napping. Some days, I put her down in the morning and afternoon, walk away, and come back 1.5 hours later to a happy, well-rested little girl both times. Other days, she fights the naps with every fibre of her being and ends up having only one around midday.

My flower pot in the front yard is gorgeous and lush. The ones in the back are struggling a bit more through this heat. It has been intense, but I won’t complain.

And I guess the other exciting thing that happened this month was Luke building this wonderful website for me! Thanks again, Husband! (At least there is a chance he will actually see this message, unlike when I post things to/about him on Facebook.)

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