July 2015 Update

Round two and I’m already late with the monthly update. Let’s blame the flood, since I’ve pointed to that for anything else that I’ve procrastinated recently…

This month,

Thea started pulling herself up into a sitting position. The first time she ever sat up on her own, she was in her crib and we didn’t actually see it happening, just looked over and SURPRISE! She was sitting up! Initially, she could sit up, but would usually face plant or fall over backwards when trying to move back to her hands and knees, but she mastered that within a few more days.

Luke and our neighbour tore out the grass between our houses and replaced it with rock. Now there is a little bit less lawn to mow, and it looks GOOD! They also installed weeping tile underneath that will be helpful for drainage in the future.

A friend from Saskatchewan stayed with us on her way to camping out west. Good sushi and good visits were had!

Luke put up a lattice in the kitchen window for our ivy to ensnare.

Wish I took this picture a few months ago when my African Violet was in full bloom.
Wish I took this picture a few months ago when my African Violet was in full bloom.

We headed up to Fort Saskatchewan to celebrate my aunt and uncle’s 25th wedding anniversary. Next time we might have to make plans to stay overnight in the area – visits are just never long enough when one person in your household goes to bed at 7 PM and you have a 3 hour drive home.

We sorted out our work schedules and Thea’s daycare schedule so that she will be in care 3 days per week come September. I will be doing some transition days with her next month. This month, I’ve been making a point of asking family to babysit her more regularly so that she starts adjusting to me not being nearby 24/7.

Thea can say, “Mama”, “Dada/Daddy”, and “cat”. She also parrots a few other words back to us when we say them to her, but those are the three that she associates with the correct people/kitty.

Thea also knows the word, “Batman”, and responds to it with her best Christian Bale “Because I’m Batman!” voice.


On the baby development front, Thea spends much of her day putting away her toys…And then taking them out again…And then putting them away again…

Army crawling replaced rolling as Thea’s preferred mode of transportation. She motored all over the place,very kindly drawing attention to gaps in our baby-proofing efforts.

That flood thing happened. Nothing to add that hasn’t already been said in this post.

We did our first “At-Home Date Night”. I gifted Luke with a jar full of these date ideas, all of which are completed at home with varying amounts of preparation required. The first one pulled was, “Cook a late-night meal together.” Mmmm, moose!

I don't always take pictures of my food, but when I do, it's because I want to make people super jealous.
I don’t always take pictures of my food, but when I do, it’s because I want to make people super jealous.

I day-weaned Thea, meaning she now only nurses twice per day – first thing in the morning, and again at bedtime (and once, occasionally twice, overnight).

Thea now eats three meals and two snacks per day. We’ve introduced whole milk into her diet at snack-times. She doesn’t drink a lot of it yet, but she also hasn’t rejected it outright, so I’m calling it a win.

Thea’s favourite foods this month included ham, banana, chicken and veggies, fruit smoothie, cherries, potatoes with carrots and leeks, and cheese quesadillas. We have to hand her quesadilla pieces one at a time because she shovels them in her mouth so fast that she ends up gagging if too much is left on the plate.

We checked out the new Farmer’s Market in town – impressed by the number of vendors and came away with a whole bunch of mouth-watering fruits and veggies.

Thea-approved bell peppers
These bell peppers have been baby-approved

Gemini went to the vet for the first time since she was a kitten (about 7 years ago). It was just a check-up, and they were happy with her teeth and weight!

Thea “discovered” Gemini’s water bowl and was sorely disappointed when it was moved to the other side of the baby gate.

We spent one Sunday mid-month with good friends watching a Rider game. Lost in overtime, but still a great day! They have a little dude one month younger than Thea; it’s fun watching them grow up together.

Luke and I went on a date night on the last day of the month. We devoured Smashburgers and laughed our heinies off at the Vacation reboot.

My Mum arrived for a visit, but that wasn’t until 11 PM on July 31st, so I think more details on that will wait for the August update…

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