Baby’s First Stomach Flu

It’s all a bit of a blur, but here are some rough numbers (so far):

15 – number of hours since first vomit
8 (9? 10?) – number of times she’s thrown up
4 – number of times the crib sheets were changed
3 – number of clothing changes for Thea and me
2 – number of baths
1 – number of sick babies in the house right now

My poor girl. šŸ™

It started at 8:30 last night. She is doing much better now, only threw up a tiny bit after breakfast this morning. And she was in a remarkably good mood all night each time she woke up. She would cry after throwing up, but once she was cleaned up and had a few sips of water, she was happily chirping again and went back to sleep easily.

We are so glad she didn’t have a fever, I imagine she wouldn’t have been so amiable through the night if that were the case.

Luke and I made a great team. Each time she woke up crying (every 2-3 hours), it usually meant she’d thrown up, so we would both go in, I would pick her up, clean her face and hair, change her clothes if they were soiled, and offer her sips of water and cuddles. Meanwhile, Luke changed the crib sheets, put the soiled ones in the washer, grabbed the last set from the dryer, cleaned her soothers, and got the bed set back up. We are both pretty worn out today, but I feel good about what we’ve done to get Thea well again.

She’s on the upswing and will be just fine. Once she wakes up from her nap, I’ll move into Phase 2 – cleaning the entire house…

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