November 2015 Update

I’m glad I jot things down on these updates throughout the month; makes it a lot easier to finalize and post!

This month…

Thea took her first step on November 13th! It was literally only one, hehe, but it still counts! She’s taken a few more one-steps since then, too. I expect she’ll be pretty well-established by Christmas.

Minimal walking. Now climbing on the other hand...
Minimal walking. Now climbing on the other hand…

Speaking of Christmas, I got started on my shopping by going down to the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market with my brother and a friend. A fun, relaxing outing while Luke did a few projects around the house.

The $2 finger puppets were a big hit.
The $2 finger puppets were a big hit.

I attended the Women in Leadership and Business conference last week – it was a wonderful experience! I left with 20 pages of notes, numerous practical takeaways that I’ve already started applying, and Pandora earrings. I feel fortunate to work for a company that supports professional development and, as they like to call it, “lifelong learning”. 🙂

On the “Babies are Weird” front, when handed Cheerios, Thea places them carefully on the ground, lies down flat on her tummy, and slurps them up with her mouth (no hands).

Also, this.
Also, this.

We’ve found a fantastic contractor for our basement renovations. The work will start in December…Okay, it actually started today, but lets pretend I’m writing this on time in November and not on December 2nd.

Our house has been full of dancing and laughing this month. Butt wiggles and “head banging” are her preferred dance moves (Luke is thrilled that she enjoys metal music). And the laughs range from sweet, little girl giggles to big, hysterical belly laughs. Best. Sound. Ever.

We headed up to Edmonton mid-month for Christmas celebrations with my Mum’s side of the family. Family, pyjamas, ham, and singing – can’t go wrong with that! Thea was gifted an abundance of neat things; she’s such a lucky little one!

Her new pillow, of course, had to be tested immediately.
Her new pillow, of course, had to be tested immediately.

Thea “woofs” when we are walking up to Grandma and Grandpa’s house (where Charlie the Dog lives), and when she hears the neighbours’ dogs in the backyard. She loves dogs, and cats too. Both make her positively scream with excitement.

Thea now has 8 teeth, having popped two more in two weeks. A ninth one actually came up at one point, but it seems to have gone back down again.

Our Mommy Group Ladies Night this month was at Colour Me Mine, a pottery painting studio. I’ve done more painting in the last three months than in the previous three years combined. It’s made me want to do even more! As a compromise, I think “Thea” will be getting some colouring books for Christmas…

Thea has had a cough plaguing her on and off ever since her bout of croup in August. Our doctor thinks she may have asthma (or may be developing it). It can’t be tested for until she’s 5 or 6 years old, unfortunately. At the moment, we have a non-steroid puffer to help open her airways overnight (she’d been waking up coughing a couple times a night). She HATES the puffer. It’s like an oxygen mask that goes over her nose and mouth and, when it’s on her face, she holds her breath until she turns blue and we give up. We’re taking a few days off from using it right now and have instead put the aero-chamber near her toys so that she can play with it and become more comfortable with it.


Thea also had her first stomach bug this month. I talked about it more in this post. What I didn’t talk about in that post is the fact that I caught the same bug two days later. Thankfully, that was a Sunday, so Luke was home to take care of Thea while I was sick all day. Thea and I stayed home together on Monday to re-hydrate and cuddle.

Not a whole lot of new words this month from Thea. That said, her teacher at Daycare was pretty proud to have taught her “ball”!

Thea has the typical fluctuating appetite of a toddler. She barely ate any meat (other than ham) for a few weeks and then, this past week, she was loving beef, even chose a meatball over pasta! Oh, but only if she is using a fork. Nearly all food must be eaten with a spoon or fork in order to be “acceptable” right now.

"Nearly" all foods
“Nearly” all foods

Bring on the last month of 2015!

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