March 2016 Family Update

I’m presently watching Luke watch videos from Microsoft Build. I thought about making a joke to tease him for his nerdiness but, honestly, I like seeing him so excited about this stuff. He’s passionate and engaged; it shows me that he chose the right career path. That makes me happy. 🙂

I, on the other hand, am having a major case of the Mondays this week. Which is ironic, considering I didn’t actually work on Monday. I love my job, but have just had one of those weeks where everything seems to take longer than expected, things come up unexpectedly, and you just leave the office each day struggling to think of what you actually did, despite feeling utterly worn out from go-go-going all day.

So, in an effort to capture a sense of accomplishment, I’m actually going to post a Family Update on time for once! Go me!

I’ll skip the resolution update because I have something in mind for next month that might make for an…interesting update on April 30th. Stay tuned. In the meantime,

This month…

Gramma came to visit from Saskatchewan for 10 whole days! That’s the longest trip she’s made since Thea was born; it was fantastic! She has tried to get out here every other month or so for the past year, but only for a few days at a time. The best part of this trip is that she was around long enough for Thea to move past seeing her as a “stranger” (which Thea pairs with long silences and lots of unblinking stares). They had two full days alone together while Luke and I were at work and by the end of the week, Thea was calling Gramma, “Ma-Ga”.

While Gramma was here, we celebrated Easter with a Housewarming at my Aunt and Uncle’s house with most of her side of the family, and an Easter Supper/Niece’s Birthday combo party with Luke’s family. Thea was ever the lucky girl, she was gifted books, stuffed animals (including a sloth from Costa Rica), toys, clothes, her very own Home Depot tool set, and a wagon! I miss the family that I I didn’t get to see over the holidays because they live farther away, but I feel lucky to have been able to spend time with some many special people.

Wagons are the perfect mode of transport to take to get gelato.

The only downer this month was a stomach flu that took Thea down for 24 hours. Strangely enough, the most difficult part was that, in between bouts of vomiting, she didn’t understand why we were only giving her small bits of food and drink every few minutes (ever tried to explain, “pacing yourself” to a hungry toddler?). She was fully recovered in time for her 18-month vaccination a week later, which she took like an absolute champ. She’s all done now until she’s four or five years old, yay!

We’ve completely lost track of how many words Thea knows. She’s such a chatterbox, she seems to have a new word to share every single day. Some of my favourites to hear her say are, “Happy,” “Bird,” “Bubble,” and a couple animal sounds. She will also say, “Two,” if we say, “One”, but that’s just a parrot thing, she doesn’t actually understand counting yet. 🙂

Thea can also say, "Flower". Check out these beautiful and unique tulips my Mum gave me for Easter.
Thea can also say, “Flower”. Check out these beautiful and unique tulips my Mum gave me for Easter.

Luke and our super-rad neighbour tiled around our recently installed shower in the basement. Assuming our contractor is available to come by to finish up the painting soon, I should finally be able to follow through with the finished product basement reno photos this month! I’m excited to show off Thea’s play area, complete with tiny table and chalkboard.

We took our first trip to the Zoo of 2016. Unreal how nice the weather has been this month. It was great fun, this was the first time Thea really noticed and was excited to see the animals.

I spy with my little eye, something with a long tail and spots...
I spy with my little eye, something with a long tail and spots…

Our March Date Night consisted of amazing sushi at Moderne Sushi & BBQ in Chestermere, followed by driving into Calgary to pick up popcorn from a theatre and driving back home to watch a movie on Netflix. I have no shame, it was sublime. Thank you, as always, to Thea’s Uncle for babysitting!

So much yum!

It’s felt like a busy month, but there isn’t really a whole lot else to say, so here’s some bonus pictures instead of more words:




Oh that hair...
Oh that hair…

1603_031Until next time, DFTBA!

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