February 2016 Family Update

February has been a bit quieter than the several months prior; it’s been a relief. Or maybe it just felt quieter because we’ve all been moderately healthy.

…*frantically knocks on wood*

Naps are important to recovery.
Naps are important to recovery.

I did a semi-decent job with my resolutions. I studied more than I did in January, and cut back a teeny bit on sugar. This month, I want to focus on meal planning and going to bed/getting up early. Will power!

This month…

Sadly, Thea learned how to say, “No.” We had a couple months where she only know “Yeah/Yes”; those will forever be remembered as The Good Ol’ Days. “No” does have it’s benefits though. When she’s doing something that she isn’t supposed to do (e.g., opening the garbage can or trying to climb up onto something), she says, “No no no no,” as she does it. Makes it easy for us to know that she is up to something and we should probably go have a look.

Don't let the innocent face fool you, we hear "no no no no" several times a day.
Don’t let the innocent face fool you, we hear “No no no no” several times a day.

Thea can wink! Kind of. Sometimes it’s more of a purposeful blink. Either way, it’s damned cute when she winks at us completely unprompted. 😉

It was crazy how fast Thea went from crawling to walking. Within about three weeks, she went from wobbly, cautious steps to confidently toddling around and almost trying to run. She virtually never crawls anymore.

Luke and I celebrated a long-weekend mid-month by taking a vacation day from parenting. We go up bright and early, took Thea down to her grandparents house, and then had our first full day to ourselves in nearly a year and a half. As we ate brunch at Cora’s, I commented to Luke that the best part was I didn’t feel the least bit guilty that we weren’t with Thea on Family Day because we had a fantastic Saturday and Sunday with her, and there was no question as to whether she would have a good day without us – she was with Grandma and Grandpa, of course she was having a good day!

We spent our vacation day cleaning the house which, I know, sounds like the most pathetic “vacation” imaginable, but getting to do that without an ankle-biter demanding attention every 15 seconds was glorious. Oh, and we also went to see a little indie movie called Deadpool. Family Day wrapped up with a supper back at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. It was a great day and an even better weekend.

Uncle came over to play for a few hours so I could study for my Stats midterm.
Uncle came over to play for a few hours so I could study for my Stats midterm.

I had a much-needed catch-up with my best friend and her little man. She is pregnant with #2. I occasionally feel my ovaries whispering that a second baby sounds nice…And then my friend tells me about her morning sickness, exhaustion, and weird-ass cravings, and I think, “Nah, I’m good.”

And I had another much-needed catch-up with my sis-in-law, taking her out for sushi for her birthday. She commented that it was rare and awesome to not have the boys with us, because they inevitably spend most of the time talking about computers.

…Mmm, sushi – another good pregnancy deterrent.

The weather was beautiful in February!
The weather was beautiful in February!

I took Thea to Treehouse, a great little play place in the city. Thea’s time there consisted of 10 minutes of holding my hand and quietly staring at the chaos around her (there were a LOT of other toddlers there on a Saturday afternoon), followed by 30 minutes of going up and down the slide over and over again, followed by lunch, and ending with 30 minutes of wandering around the space gathering stray ball-pit balls and carefully returning them to the ball-pit. I love my little weirdo.

Yay, slide!
Yay, slide!

That’s it for this post. Next month includes a week-long visit from Gramma (my Mum). And our basement should be finished so I can finally do the reveal post!

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